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Here are some facts that might alarm you. But there is some remarkable news. Urgent information that could protect your life and spare the lives of your loved ones. By Natural Health Dossier

In 2007, nearly one in four deaths in the U.S. was caused by cancer. That’s more than strokes, lung disease, accidents, Alzheimer’s and diabetes combined.

And cancer is on the rise. This is a crisis. But it’s not a crisis without hope.

Hello, my name is Maria Dolgova. I’m the associate publisher of Natural Health Dossier, a privately-circulated advisory on medical and health advances.

Today I’m going to share with you what I believe is the most promising cancer advancement of the past 30 years.

A Harvard-trained doctor and neurochemist developed it over the course of 20 years. Already several major studies (on over 10,000 patients combined) have verified its accuracy. The FDA has even approved it. But, mysteriously, they’ve kept it quiet.

That last fact is shocking considering what a true breakthrough this is. It takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosing cancer and has the potential to eliminate the need for “miracle cures.” With the help of this test, you could conquer cancer safely, naturally, and reliably. Imagine not having to suffer any of the terrible side effects that come with drugs and chemo. Imagine curing cancer without losing a single hair off your head… or spending days at a time feeling like you’re on death’s doorstep.

With this new discovery you can monitor your immune system as it melts away deadly cancer cells month after month, week after week…even day after day.

And you can monitor your body to make sure they never come back.

You haven’t heard about this on TV or in the press – and the FDA hasn’t told you either – but now, thanks to this doctor, there is…

A simple blood test that discovers deadly cancer cells up to 19 months before conventional screening tests

If this has been such a closely held secret, you might be wondering how I know about it. Here’s the story…

As associate publisher of Natural Health Dossier I have access to perhaps the world’s most sophisticated network of underground health researchers. My staff is plugged into all the major (and most of the minor) professional journals and research studies. We have thousands of members worldwide who are constantly tipping off our team about unpublished stories that should make it to the major media… but never do.

Several months ago I received an urgent call from Henry, a member of our research team. He explained that he had come across the story of a retired investment broker in Delaware known as Angel who had made a remarkable discovery several years ago.

Because Angel had several friends who had recently died of cancer, she began to research cures. She had known for years that the tests and cancer screens mainstream doctors offered were ineffective. And their treatments were downright dangerous. There had to be a better way.

In May of 2000 she discovered that better way when she came upon an obscure scientific article. The article described a test that could detect the presence of any type of cancer up to 19 months before any conventional test and with 99 percent accuracy!

Angel could not believe what she was reading. The article also said there were no fewer than three additional published articles on this breakthrough and that at least one of the studies examined the results of more than 8,000 tests.

How could a test be supported by so much scientific evidence and not be common practice?

If it were really true, surely her doctor – no, the entire medical community – would be talking about it.

But no one was.

At the time, Angel was healthy and felt fine. But her age and history made her a likely victim for cancer. So she asked her doctor about the test. He’d never heard of it.

And because he’d never heard of it, and a few minutes of searching online hadn’t revealed any answers, the doctor recommended against the test.

But Angel didn’t give up easily. After all, the test…

  • Had been invented and perfected by a Harvard-trained doctor and neurochemist.
  • Was supported by over 20 years of research.
  • Was approved by the FDA.
  • Only required a small blood sample.
  • And was even covered by Medicare.

Despite his skepticism, the doctor couldn’t find a good reason not to have it done, so he ordered the test. Angel’s blood sample was shipped to a special lab a few miles outside of Boston run by the same doctor who designed the test.

A few days later Angel got a call from her doctor… the same doctor who hadn’t believed in the test and hadn’t wanted to order it…

Angel’s test came back positive for cancer.

Angel was shocked. But she didn’t panic. Her research had taught her that cancer could be cured naturally. So she put her knowledge into action.

According to the account on her website… The diagnosis was so early she was able to…

Naturally wipe out the cancer like it was a common cold…

And it didn’t take long. After just three weeks on immune boosting supplements, Angel took the test again… The results showed…

She didn’t have any traces of cancer left!

“It’s a fascinating story,” I told Henry. “But it’s hardly scientific proof.”

“But there is proof,” he insisted. “Studies published in three journals!

I then reminded Henry of the research standards we adhere to at Natural Health Dossier. Good stories and individual studies may pique our interest, but we can’t bring anything to our members till we have asked all the questions any skeptical person would want to ask and verified all the research.

So I called the Natural Health Dossier research team together, presented them with Henry’s stories, and challenged them to answer three questions:

1. How can we be sure that the test is accurate?

2. Is it medically possible to eradicate early stage cancer with immune boosting supplements?

3.If this really works, why aren’t doctors using it routinely?

Here is some of the evidence they uncovered…

Is the test effective and accurate?

Our team’s first job was to track down Angel’s story and to analyze the studies.

We found the research published in prestigious medical journals. Including:

  • The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most respected medical journals. The Lancet has remained independent of the medical industry since it was first published in 1823.
  • Cancer Detection and Prevention, a leading journal for advances in early detection of cancer.
  • The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, an independent journal that studies medical advances at a cellular level.

The team also verified that the test’s developer was indeed a Harvard doctor.

In fact, he was much more than “just” a doctor. He not only earned his medical degree… he went on to earn a PhD in Biochemisty.

And this cancer test is not his only medical accomplishment. He also warned the CDC about the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak. He has numerous articles published in prestigious journals. He has 23 medical patents to his name, including the patent for this cancer test. A patent for a computerized method to predict flu outbreaks.

And a patent for safe synthetic vaccines that could save countless lives.

Needless to say, we were impressed with his credentials. But we needed to vet the test itself. Was the science behind it solid? Did it make sense?

Here’s what we found.

Just as there are weeds in every garden, cancer cells exist in every healthy body. A healthy immune system acts like a gardener. It doesn’t take much effort to pluck a few weeds every day so the garden stays healthy.

But if the gardener gets sick and can’t work as fast, the weeds in the garden can spread. The same thing can happen in your body. If your immune system weakens, it can’t keep up as well as it should.  And cancer is one of the fastest spreading “weeds” in the body. Once it has reached a critical level, it’s almost certain to form a dangerous tumor.

One secret to avoiding cancer – all cancers – is to make sure your immune system is keeping the number of cancer cells in the body below a certain level. But until this Harvard-trained doctor began his research, no one knew exactly what to look for or how to measure it.

That’s where this doctor came in. He knew that when the immune system destroys cancer cells it produces a certain protein. And the amount of this protein in your blood is directly tied to how many cancer cells are in your body.

By studying levels of this protein in cancer patients for more than 20 years, he identified the critical level of cancer cells that your immune system can no longer handle on its own.

The test that is used to pinpoint this critical level of cancer cells is simple and amazingly accurate. A single test’s accuracy rate is 95 percent. With a second test the accuracy rate climbs to 99 percent.

Our research team also investigated the evidence since the test’s discovery. When all the research was combined, more than a dozen doctors had used the test on more than 10,000 people. The results confirmed the test’s unique accuracy.

Which leads us to my next question…

Can cancer really be cured by immune-boosting supplements?

Knowing you have cancer isn’t the same thing as curing it. The only reason you’d want to know early is so you have the best chance of curing it with as little effort as possible.

That’s what interested me most about Angel’s story: That she was able to use natural supplements to defeat her early-stage cancer.

Was her success a fluke or is it something that can be repeated?

This question took our research team all the way to one of the world’s most sophisticated cancer centers… a molecular oncology laboratory in Germany.

This lab is part of a group of elite research facilities across Germany.

The lab’s work has been featured in the documentary film Cancer Conquest, the book Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, as well as in articles in Life Extension magazine.

According to studies done by this lab, nutritional supplements are very beneficial in the fight against cancer…

One of the keys to defeating cancer is to figure out where it originated. Treating a cancerous lung tumor is different from treating a cancerous ovarian or testicular tumor. Identifying the type of tumor is a critical step in finding an effective treatment.

To locate the cancer’s origin, the German lab takes a sample of your blood. They isolate the loose cancer cells and run a series of special tests. This allows them to determine which alternative, integrative, and conventional therapies your particular cancer is most responsive to.

If you’re diagnosed with a more advanced cancer, this lab can run “chemo sensitivity” tests which help ensure you are not being given types of chemotherapy that your particular cancer is resistant to. The lab also offers tests they say can show which natural supplements may enhance the chemotherapy’s effectiveness.

For example, some types of cancer may respond better to chemo when used together with quercetin… Some types of cancer are especially responsive to curcumin… And other types of cancer cells are particularly susceptible to graviola.

All of these supplements are all natural and available online or in a local store.

The bottom line:

Using these tests, it may be possible to beat cancer with natural supplements and immune boosters if you catch it early.

These tests arm you with the information you need to find the best and most targeted chemotherapies to use. You’ll also know which supplements could improve the recovery process and minimize damage to healthy cells during treatment.

Which brings us to the last question…

Why aren’t all doctors using these tests?

This was one question for which we could not come up with a satisfying answer.

We spoke to general practitioners and family doctors and none of them had heard of these tests. We spoke to oncologists, too. Most of them didn’t know about it either.

These are significant, scientific innovations. Yet virtually nobody (but the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry) know about them.

What gives?

When you don’t have clear answers, you must look at the facts: Cancer is profitable for many people. Every year it costs its victims $120 billion in treatment and associated medical costs. By 2020, that number is projected to jump as high as $207 billion.

Imagine how much money drug companies would lose if everyone over 50 took this cancer test. Imagine if all those people who caught it early enough were able to destroy their cancer cells with natural, safe, and inexpensive supplements.

And imagine if even half of people with more advanced cancers were able to drastically reduce the chemotherapy they needed.

How many billions of dollars would the cancer industry lose?

The cancer companies are some of the biggest lobbyists in Congress… they’re among the largest advertisers in the mainstream media… and they’re responsible for funding the “ongoing education” of conventional doctors.

Now I ask you… why do you think this cancer screen has been kept from doctors?

At the end of the day, what really matters is this: What are you going to do to protect yourself?

I’d like to send you a free report on this cancer breakthrough so you can examine it for yourself. In this report, you’ll discover:

  • What the test is and how you can have it administered.
  • Whether you’re in one of the highest “at risk” groups that should consider this test as quickly as possible.
  • The next steps to take if your test comes back positive for cancer. Plus, when to consider molecular oncology and other natural treatment options.

As far as I know, nobody has ever published a report on this therapy for consumers. By getting it directly into your hands (and bypassing the laborious, sometimes “mysterious” FDA-regulations) we can make sure that this new therapy will no longer languish in the dark. 

This is exactly the type of report that makes all of our work and research at Natural Health Dossier worth it.

Medical breakthroughs, hidden cures, and the uncompromised truth

There’s much more I’m going to share with you in this presentation.

I’m going to tell you how one doctor claims he brought a heart attack victim out of a coma after her original doctor wanted to “pull the plug.” And what he calls the “missing link” that could dramatically reduce your risk of ever suffering a heart attack.

I’m going to show you how you can gain total control over diabetes and never fear a blood sugar spike or crash again.

And I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of an innovation that builds on the 2009 Nobel Prize-winning discovery that literally could make you biologically younger.

But first, if you aren’t a member of Natural Health Dossier community you may be wondering where we came from.

It all started with “Mr. M,” our multi-millionaire sponsor.  One of his longest held interests is health and healing. So he wanted to create a team that would give him honest and up-to-date answers to all his health-related questions.

Mr. M was no novice to the health industry. He had worked as a business consultant to the health industry for over 20 years.

But despite his many contacts, he wasn’t happy. There wasn’t enough good health advice for the public. “The mainstream health industry is riddled with mythology and bad science,” he told us at our first meeting. “And the alternative press, though much better, is still plagued by bias and personal opinion.”

Mr. M’s idea was to start the first-ever science-based research group. This group would focus only on natural cures for every sort of health challenge.

They would cover the most pressing and dangerous problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

But they would also report on improvements for the more routine health concerns like pain relief, eliminating allergies, and improving eyesight…

The team started with just one researcher. From there it quickly expanded to include three PhDs, three MDs, two nutritionists, three best-selling medical authors, and the publisher of one of the world’s largest natural health information services…

How was Mr. M able to assemble all these amazing healers?

Simple: Lots of money and loads of high-level industry contacts. At first his interest was personal. He had experienced some health scares himself. But more importantly he’d seen the needless deaths of friends and family members. It wasn’t just disease that killed them… They were misdiagnosed and/or mistreated by conventional medicine.

More than 15 years ago, before natural health newsletters were published in the US, Mr. M worked closely with a health investigator in England. This woman was bravely uncovering the astonishing corruption and misinformation that was (and still is) rampant in mainstream medicine.

What she discovered and reported on horrified him.

Doctors, the government, and pharmaceutical companies are spinning the facts to support their agenda

He found that many medical practices in Europe and America had no proven basis in scientific research.

And I’m not talking about obscure therapies. I’m talking about the most common practices in mainstream medicine today… Including most heart bypass operations, stents, mastectomies, and other common treatments.

The more research he read, the more obvious it became… The large corporations and government agencies were cooperating to promote drugs and surgery. Even where no evidence was available to support it. And they were ignoring or degrading proven natural cures.

But a few brave doctors were telling the truth. Mr. M cut his retirement short to help those doctors get their ideas and research out to the public. With his help, pioneering newsletters began to educate and help millions of people around the world.

Four years ago, Mr. M retired again. But he kept in touch with the doctors he respected the most. He even helped them launch a number of important books and reports.

Now the natural health publishing industry was growing. Mr. M had to hire a researcher to help him keep track of the flood of medical breakthroughs and natural cures.

That researcher’s job was to prepare a monthly report – a dossier, he called it. This dossier had to cover the most relevant, most important, and most recent medical and health information. Not just from American universities and hospitals… but from any reliable and proven research published anywhere in the world.

While he didn’t know it at the time, that one researcher, along with his network of natural health doctors, became the basis for what Natural Health Dossier is today.

Natural Health Dossier is unique among health publications. We are private so we don’t have to bow to government interference. We are subscription based, so advertisers don’t influence us. And we are unbiased.

We don’t care whether a new therapy fits a preconceived theory about medicine. If it comes from a respected source and is backed by serious, scientific proof and we can find personal evidence that it works, then we bring its complete details to our members.

The work we’ve been doing has been nothing less than inspirational to me. For example, did you know you could actually…


To your health,

Maria Dolgova
Associate Publisher
NHD “Health Watch”

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